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Welcome to the BruinFly website, a product of the UCLA Undergraduate Research Consortium in Functional Genomics (URCFG), which is sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professors program. Our primary goal is to transmit the excitement and values of scientific research to undergraduate students through their direct participation in real, discovery-based research projects. Part of this website is dedicated to our first publication (#5 button on left) which was co-authored by 140 undergraduate students (#1). The details of the research methods that were used (#3), along with the educational aspects of our introductory (#4) and advanced programs (#7) can also be read here. Most importantly, through the introductory program, the students generated a tremendous amount of data that is comprehensively detailed in our database (#2). Pictures of all the URCFG members, students (#9) and instructors (#8) can also be found here.

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Artwork by Albert Cespedes, an undergraduate student